Charlie’s Treats

Don’t forget that special dog in your life

Chef’s Solution’s has a doggie division! Our pup Charlie came to us with skin allergies that we soon found were irritated by many of the popular dog treats found on store shelves. Having a chef in the family proved very helpful by providing Charlie with a full range of home-made treats.

All of these treats have been given the paws up by our own Charlie and his assistant Jules. While they just LOVE all of the treats, Charlie’s Chips remain their favorite. Order some for your favorite doggie today!

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Choose from the following:

  • Charlie’s Chips
    Dehydrated sweet potato slices
    (5 ounces – $6.00 + tax)
  • Apple a Day
    Apples, honey, cinnamon, oatmeal, & whole-wheat flour
    (15 medium bones – $6.00 + tax)
  • PB Poppers
    Peanut butter, milk, whole-wheat flour, & baking powder
    (15 medium bones – $6.00 + tax)
  • Cheesy Treats
    Cheddar cheese, margarine, & whole-wheat flour
    (15 medium bones – $6.00 + tax)
  • Wheat Free Bones
    Rye flour, milk, margarine, sugar & oatmeal
    (15 medium bones – $6.00 + tax)